Telefónica O2 "Guru TV"

The O2 guru gives your digital lifestyle an upgrade



O2 believes that technology should be open to everyone so that we can all be more. That's why O2 wanted to inspire and enable people to explore the possibilities of digital technology and use them to enrich their lives.


We gave O2 a face. In the form of O2 gurus. These are tech experts, who help people to resolve tech issues and educate and inspire them on the possibilities of digital technology.


The O2 guru is to be found in the shop, on and on YouTube. He regularly uploads clips in which he tests the newest smartphones, tablets and their functions, and shows the latest digital trends.



A few video examples

Trapoca App

Google Cardboard

Mobile Pay




Client: Telefónica O2 Agency: Interone BBDO Executive Creative Director: Jacques Pense Creative Directors: Christoph Behm, Lorena Beltrami Copywriters: Rudolf Geramb, Patrick Munz, Joko Weykopf Directors: Christoph Behm, Lorena Beltrami Director of Photography: Mirko Buchholz Audio Engineer: Martin Grimm Illuminator: Hannes Rascher Editor: Damir Grbic Set Assistants: Adrian Immler, Sina Hasenbach, Charlotta Paetow Producer: Thees Janßen Account Manager: Ilka Klingenberg