Telefónica O2, DSL "Better at home"

Some things are better done at home



In 2012 O2 withdrew its DSL brand "Alice" from the market and renamed it "O2 DSL". Although many customers remain loyal to O2, they nevertheless regard O2 as a pure mobile service provider and do not associate them with fixed line telephony. The challenge in 2013 was to change this – with a purely online campaign, reaching as many consumers as would otherwise only be the case with TV. 


Mobile communications may be nice and practical, but sometimes what is needed is a faster connection, higher data volume, more time and privacy. Sometimes the home is needed where there is real peace and quiet for a private conversation and the internet is faster and more stable than on the move. To illustrate the advantages of DSL, we set up a humorous and surreal world in which private matters only take place outside. So that everyone can see: some things are better done at home.


In phase one, we placed a film online in which a man clearly regards a supermarket as his flat. He goes through the aisles, undresses, treats himself to a drink from the refrigerated shelf and lies down to telephone on the checkout conveyor belt (see film above).

In phase two, we focus on the creativity of the web. The fans of the Youtube stars Alexibexi, Ooobacht & Ponk as well as Y-Titty, were invited to send in suggestions for what is better done at home. The best suggestion was chosen, acted out by the Youtube stars and released to the public, and shared online in connection with the O2 DSL campaign.



Campaign phase 1

Our spot with the half-naked man in the supermarket became a small viral hit. It reached the top 20 in the YouTube charts with 4.5 million views and generated plenty of traffic on our campaign landing page.   



Campaign Phase 2

The target group was reached. But now the campaign really started. Because the users wrote their own spots, participated in voting and had YouTube stars such as YTitty act out their "Better at home" stories in publicity stunts.


The clips of AlexiBexi, Ooobacht & Ponk and YTitty

Publicity stunts by AlexiBexi

Publicity stunts by Ooobacht & Ponk

Publicity stunts by YTitty



Campaign Phase 3

Kicking up a fuss in the community, press, premium ads and POS posters ensured more and numerous visits to the microsite. So that the site retained its charm, we enriched it with more entertaining content, e.g. outtakes from the shoot or recordings of telephone conversations from our protagonists.




+ 770.000

visits to our campaign sites

+ 23,3%

product preference

+ 47,6%

positive brand awareness




Client: Telefónica O2 Agency: Interone BBDO Chief Creative Officer: Michael Ohanian Executive Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Jan Köpke Creative Directors: Arne Hollmann, Till Heumann Concept Designers: Stefan Schwarz, Mariana Brinkhoff, Cynthia Hormann Copywriter: Laura Zabel Art Directors: Julia Hellwege, Arleta Szalast Director Client Services: Andreas Nieder Account Managers: Carina Schwarzwälder, Nicola Clausen Film Production: Jotz! Director: Claas Ortmann Executive Producer: Jan Behrens Producer: Peggy Geibig Director of Photography: Armin Franzen Art Department: Sarah Horton Editor: Nicki Stampe Post-Production: nhb Hamburg Photographer: Ralf Gellert Retouching: Zerone