Nike "Girls Club"

Nike sponsors female first time Runners



Make running an attractive sport for young women.


We founded a community that meets offline for running and online on Facebook, the "Girls Club" ("Club der Töchter"). ID to the Club was a special shirt with a special twist: the girls couldn't just buy it, they had to run for it.


The Clubs backbone was a clubhouse on Facebook where everything was coordinated. Club apps on Facebook allowed the girls to invite each other to runs, parties, special events and shopping offers. Everything that happened in reality, then later went back to Facebook and was discussed by the girls.

The Result

The Nike founded club turned into an active, steadily growing community. Within a week it grew from 15 members to 50. From 50 to 300 within a month (per city). And the club continuing to grow and is looking forward to being launched all over European cities. This expansion shows that the Girls Club did, what Nike hadn't been able to do before: make running a sport that young women love.




Client: Nike Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Germany Creative Directors: Jacques Pense, Michael Ohanian, Kai Heuser Copywriters: Gun Aydemir, Norman Scholl, Alexander Seifritz Art Directors: Benjamin Beck, Jenny Orel, Katharina Hanel Account Managers: Denise Winter, Sonja Kaufmann Agency Producer: Simone Abel Technical Manager: Nils Doehring Programmer: Daniel Hübschmann Photographer: Stefan Schmid Production Company: Embassy of Dreams




AME AWARDS: Finalist